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1995 Saw the founding of Speedway Express by Annalie Maritz, the company ran deliveries between East London and Queenstown. In 1997 her husband Fanie Maritz joined the company and soon started new routes to Umtata and its surrounding areas. By 1999 the idea of running over night freight between Johannesburg and East London sparked in Fanie’s mind as the market was being monopolised by SAA. This idea brought together Fanie and Dr Charles Reyneke who together started Reymar Freight (Rey from Reyneke and Mar from Maritz).

Within three years of trading the company opened branches in Port Elizabeth and Durban, while looking strong. In 2004 Dr Charles Reyneke left the country and Fanie was left to run and increasingly fast growing company on his own. He found support in a new partner, Paul Sutcliffe who also opened another branch in Cape Town.

In 2007 Paul Sutcliffe sold his shares in the company to Francois Marais, who took over the administration and IT role formerly done by his predecessor. An exciting 2009 year saw the merging of Reymar Freight and Speedway Express and resulted in a line haul and distribution company under the name Reymar Freight.

Francois Marais was bought out of the company in 2015 by the GEFAN Family trust which is now the sole owner. By 2019 the company had grown large enough to warrant capital investment, it was an exciting time as IFSA a private equity fund got involved and purchased 49% of Reymar Freight. This relationship created an environment for Reymar to grow beyond its normal services and fully commit to being a nationwide courier company. If 23 years in the freight industry has taught the management of Reymar Freight anything it is to always deliver the best customer service and to never say it can’t be done.

Fanie Maritz and Charles Reyneke with the very first Reymar Freight Sprinter.
"Making your Business our Passion"

Fanie Maritz, Founder & Owner Reymar Freight

IFSA Collaboration
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